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    Eulogy For A Rock Band from Everything Will Be Alright In The End.

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  2.             The silver door handle is cold in my hand, matching the cold air nipping at my exposed ears. The open interview sign taped to the restaurant’s glass door seems so inviting, welcoming me into a new stage of my life. I push the door open, or attempt to. Nothing happens. The door is locked? It’s a quarter past noon. Does Dan’s Pizzeria close for lunch? Snow begins to fall in a flurry. This doesn’t make any sense. I lean against the solid brick building, waiting for the open interviews to reopen. My fingers begin rubbing against the bricks, keeping my fingers busy to occupy my mind. As I sway my arms against the brick like a snow angel, the cloth from my jacket is repeatedly snagged by the bricks. It is as if the wall is a predator and my jacket is the prey. I feel like prey.

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  3. I’m addicted to you lately, because you do it for me baby. 

  4. 'This hurts me more than it will hurt you,' she says in a voice that was presumably quivering from anger. The switch meets the exposed skin on my thighs with a loud smack. I scream. The switch kisses me again. My small, mischievous hands reach down towards the site of impact, attempting to shield myself. I then learn that hands are not shields. When you’re young you learn things quickly.
    An excerpt from Oh, Gracie - Pluto’s Haven
  5. I will love myself, regardless.

    I will love myself, regardless.

  6. Within certain connotations

    I believe I would be obliged 

    to tell you I love you, but

    the fine print is extra fine

    and my glasses need cleaned,

    or I need better ones, or…

    maybe I’m going blind because

    the words are shrinking, 

    disappearing altogether, along

    with the tethered definitions that

    evoke emotions neither of us

    want to feel. Within certain

    connotations, I believe I am

    obliged to cancel this contract. 

  7. This song is my anthem. Don’t judge. 

  8. 1. You begin caring less of others opinions. (Example: Someone calls you a self centered, conniving bitch and it doesn’t phase you a bit.)
    2. When others are vocal of their purposely hurtful opinions, you become vocal yourself because you’re aware you deserve better. In other words, confrontation is no longer an issue.
    3. You learn that realizing you have worth doesn’t mean you are degrading anyone else’s. (I’m not better than you, nor are you better than me. So the whole “out of my league” thing is completely abolished.)
    4. You grow up. A lot. This means when conflict arises you aren’t being illogical or hurtful. It means you can & will sit down and talk about an issue logically.
    5. Your standards rise & you demand that they be met.
    6. Other people might begin liking you less. These aren’t the people that matter anyways. These are the people that enjoyed seeing you misersble, sad and hurt. These people try to pull you back down. These people don’t love you. These people don’t even love themselves. Love them from a distance.

  9. 1. I have not diluted myself into believing that the qualities I desire in a man include wealth, a hot body, or a nice car. When I say I appreciate a guy with a sense of humor and a nice job - I mean just that. I appreciate people for their uniqueness & their odd ensemble of qualities that make them who they are as a person.
    2. There isn’t a step by step way that will perfectly lead me or anyone into your bed.
    3. Some women find persistence an unattractive quality. When she’s giving you hints to leave her alone, you probably should.
    4. Just because a small percentage of literotica includes rape and other “freaky” shit does not mean women want a man to be in control. I think I can speak for many women when I say I would like to have a sexual relationship with a man whom I trust enough to indulge in personal fantasies with. This fantasy has the possibility of including me shoving a dildo up your ass.
    5. I don’t fuck on the first date because I’m not completely comfortable with you- not because I don’t want to seem like a “slut”.
    6. I would considerably lose interest in a man if he will blew through $600 within three dates just to impress me.
    7. I think the creator of this program is a misogynistic asshole that has diluted himself into thinking he’s developed a scientific method to being a more dominant gender.
    8. I’m most likely not going to approach a man first unless he’s dying, has a cute dog, has a cute animal in general, looks like he needs help, or is selling food of some kind. Believe it or not but females can be introverts too, which means approaching another person is less likely to happen.
    9. Despite whatever genetic code that you’re trying to exploit (which I doubt exists to the extent you’re taking it) within the female gender, I would like to make a statement that you’re privileged white man syndrome seriously needs some treatment.
    10. I watched the entire 40 minutes of this video. This “system” is clearly targeting men of older generations and/or men who have social anxiety/depression/self esteem issues. Degrading women to cater to these personality types as a marketing/get rich quick technique is quite pathetic.
    11. The only reason I watched the entire video is because I was so desperately hoping you’d reveal your methods on getting women would include treating them respectfully and equally.

    Rant over.

  10. How can you love the land when you’ve never set foot in the sea?

    How can you love the land when you’ve never set foot in the sea?

  11. You are the salty sweat

    seeping from opening pores,

    stuck on my skin, savoring

    moments of the stench that

    turns my stomach upside

    down, stopping digestion,

    beginning regurgitation 

    of stale sentences that

    will soon succumb to the

    taste of goodbye, but

    you will always, always

    be under my skin. 

  12. Kelela - Bank Head

  13. I peel my lips

    with discrete teeth

    the way you unravel

    lives, quickly and quietly,

    but there’s always 

    someone who sees,

    a witness, a soon-to-be

    prophetess of my bad

    habits and your bad 

    everything, but that

    doesn’t stop me from

    gnawing on my lips, nor

    you and your mischief.  

  14. “In my mind, the sexiest thing in the world is the feeling that you’re wanted.”  

    “In my mind, the sexiest thing in the world is the feeling that you’re wanted.”  

  15. My mornings consist of side swept

    smiles, lips tucked in between teeth

    and sleepy eyes eager to gaze upon 

    the screen of my phone to read your one,

    two, or three texts saying, “Good morning…

    Hey lady… Hey.” They’re simple words, but

    I give them more meaning. Good morning,

    I’m awake and I hope you are too. Text me.

    Hey lady, you really need to wake up

    already because I miss you. Hey, 

    I’m scared that you don’t miss me too.

    My evenings consist of frantic fingers

    afraid of saying the right thing

    at the wrong time or the wrong thing

    at the right time, so they make remarks

    that can be translated in multiple ways…

    Similar to your simple texts. I begin to

    wonder if maybe what I make of your words

    are just that - what I make of them. What if,

    I’m giving you more depth than what you’ve

    truly achieved on your own? What if,

    I lose you when you’re only one message away?

    What if I lose you?

    My dreams consist of surreal stories,

    late night fast food adventures, and

    laughter, your laughter. I dream of you

    and food. That has to be a good sign.

    My mornings consist of side swept smiles

    that are quickly tucked away in between teeth,

    and it won’t be long before my sleepy eyes

    read a simple text that says “Morning,” 

    and I can’t help but to feel like you mean so much more.


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